The Updo Bun-Tutorial

Hey guys, hope you all had a lovely weekend. This is Yvette, a hair and beauty ethusiast.  I will be working with Yvonne to bring you great tips in the hair and beauty department. Today I am letting you in on how I achieve my beautiful hair bun.(a question most people have been asking ) You can wear this hairstyle literally anywhere and it will be relevant, you can rock it to work, to a wedding, night out with the girl squad or even to a romantic dinner.

What you need.

·         A black sock- I did choose black because it blends well with my hair, and I also know that most of you like me have black hair. It doesn’t matter if it’s relaxed or natural.  In order to roll the sock into a donut, use a pair of scissors to cut off the tip of the sock where your toes rest then go ahead and roll that- see picture below

·         You need a small puff holder, a bigger one and booby pins that will help you to hold it in place as you will see in the picture tutorials. You will also need some accessories to pimp it up especially when going to a wedding or a theme party.

·         So let’s dive into the turotial.....

Thanks for reading and feel  free to tag us  on instagram @chicmoments  after you have successfully rocked it. Have fun guys and I love you all.