Styling Faux Locs


Good morning everyone, its Yvette here again and today I’d like to share something about faux locs the most recent fad in the hair braiding department.

 What are faux locs?

These are basically fake locs. You want to have locs but not go through the whole transition and process of getting and growing real locs (am sure peeps with real locs dislike this idea).

 My journey

So I did my faux locs from krisnamat mall at Aunty Sarah’s saloon a little over two months ago. As you see in the picture below, there are three types of faux locs; the kanekalon , marley and yarn. I chose the marley because it didn’t look like it was going to put a lot of pressure on my head. To be honest I have enjoyed the kind of ratchet look rather than the other neater two.

 Few Facts

-I have realized that this stuff makes hair grow, I love plaiting hair and trust me I have never had this much growth in two months. If you are looking for wild hair growth, here is your cue

-It doesn’t lead to hair breakage, my hair is solid and my side hairs have not shown any sign of breakage, simply because they just roll the fake hair onto your real hair so this doesn’t stress the scalp and the hair roots, however that doesn’t make it any less painful.

 Caring for the locs


Being kinky hair, it easily picks up dust and so it’s always good to have it washed once in a while. The key thing while shampooing is to focus on the scalp and also to be sure to give it a good rinse. The best part about the marley kinky is that it dries up very fast. You can then apply any oil of your choice. Lately I have been using Coconut oil from The Good hair Collective and it has worked wonders for my scalp.Try to avoid using jelly hair oils because they don’t dissolve well.They often accumulate dirt which sticks to the hair and can lead to hair breakage.


And here is the fun part! I did some of the styles I loved wearing. Feel free to try them on faux locs, real locs, Box braids and kinky braids. For any questions and comments, you can leave them below and I shall be at your service.














 and my personal favorite....


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 Love and Blessings


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