Crochet Hair

Hey people, am excited to be doing something on hair again. Have you been stuck? Without a clue on what to do with your hair? That was me about a month ago!  Until a friend of mine suggested crochet hair. Simply put, you plait cornrows as the base and then use a crochet hook to sow the extensions onto the base. These extensions can range from faux locs, box braids, kinky twists and many more. Specifically, I used the mambo hair; characterised by being large and short. If you ask me, crochet style is genius!! It’s one you could easily do yourself at home but personally; I am not yet at that level. Here is what I loved about this style;

  • Its time saving; installation takes an hour tops
  • They are so light, it almost felt like I didn’t have any hair on my head
  • Easy on the scalp; no strain or discomfort
  • They can be re-installed if taken good care of
  • They are big and bold; who doesn’t love such a look



What I didn’t enjoy though was that it comes out pretty fast especially for someone like me who prefers to keep my hair plaited for at least two months. I had to take them out after 4 weeks. I guess with other smaller extensions you could be able to keep your crochet hair for much longer.

 And the fun part for me is always styling! The mambo twists were short so this limited my styling options. None the less, I managed to whip up a few styles that I’d love to share….


Thank you so much for reading, please share with us your experience with crochet hair if you have done it before.

 Have a lovely week.

 Love and Blessings