Tribute to the Special Women in my life

Photography by Life Touch Images



Happy women’s day to all the women out there! I hope that this comes as a reminder of how far we’ve come and how mighty we are. I am celebrating this day by making a special tribute to the women who play a significant role in my life. Today is an enormous celebration for me because I come from a family full of women who I am so proud to be associated with and not forgetting My dad and brother who have kept the smiles on our faces!



To the woman who raised us and gives everything she has for us

I never understood this kind of love and sacrifice until I became a mum. Mom has modeled the kind of character she wants us to have as grownups. Seeing her love and devotion to dad has taught us the kind of relationship we should have with our spouses and not settle for less. Her resilience and endurance through life changes has taught us to remain hopeful because she never wavers. Her warm and gentle heart brings so much love in our home. Through her, we have learnt to minister to the needs of others. Even the little we have, we share with others. Mom welcomes everyone to our house. I could go on and on but I know that if I manage to raise my children as mom has raised us, then I would have done an amazing job. 

 I am beyond blessed to have a mother like you.


To my big sister

She is an absolute inspiration to me and the rest of our siblings. Her courage has inspired us to never give up and to work hard. She had Solange as a young girl but she still managed to read and ace her Bachelors level.  With so many odds staked against her, she rose, worked her ass off to provide and raise her daughter. Solange is now in P7, what a testimony! She is a big sister in every sense of the word, stepping in our parents shoes to provide and council us. Her reserved nature might come off as aloofness but behind all that is a loving and caring person. Fond memories of us growing and doing everything together, makes me so grateful for this special companionship. 


 To the soul that lives with in

She is the most content person I have met in my life and she challenges me every day. With all the pressures that the world throws at us, she still manages to live on her own terms. I don’t think she will age a day in her life! She loves and gives effortlessly, I have seen this through the way she loves the gals! She also has a sense of humor that will have you rolling on the floor! Her life motto would be summed up in this one phrase “Hakuna Matata” and just like her hair, she is wild and free!


Yvette & Cynthia

To the Divas of the family



 These two can best be described as the heart and soul of the family. They are the youngest but they look after us all in one way or the other. What would we do without you guys? They look after the gals, run the family errands and still have more fun while doing all this. They have shown us all what it means to live in the moment. They are curious, open minded, adventurous and they have mastered the art of taking cool and quite enviable pictures. Never a dull moment with these two!


I didn’t choose these awesome women but am glad that God chose them as a gift to me. I am blessed!


 Happy Women’s Day!

Love and Blessings