My 1st year of Motherhood

Looking back at the moment when I first held lil miss sunshine in my arms, I was so overwhelmed with joy. A feeling I can’t quite explain but it was the best feeling in the world! Little did I know that the days to come were going to be tough, very challenging but also most fulfilling. I learnt so much in the span of 12 months than I had in most of my years combined.

I learnt lots of stuff, starting with the most important, Breast feeding! It was a total nightmare at the beginning that I almost completely gave up.  Thank God that my mum and good friends were there to hold my hand through the process until it became so much easier and would eventually become one of the things that I absolutely enjoy doing.

I learnt to function on very little sleep. I felt like a zombie for most of the first two months. You know how they say that when the baby sleeps you should also sleep; that never worked for me simply because even when I would sleep, I wouldn’t really sleep. I would turn at the slightest movement of the baby!

I learnt and I am still learning to trust my motherly instinct. When you are a first time mum, many well-meaning people will give you all sorts of advice. I learnt that I don’t have to try out everything I have been told to try out.

I have learnt to love fiercely without expectation or reason. I learnt to give myself fully and wholly for the greater good of another person, to sacrifice my body and my time day after day, week after week, month after month.

I have learnt to love, appreciate and respect my body. It went through so many changes to produce such a beautiful thing. Let’s just say that all my efforts to prevent stretch marks were futile. I now choose to embrace them because they are part of this beautiful story.

Did I say how much more I got to appreciate my mum? It is only when you have a child that you will truly understand how special your mother is. I couldn’t believe my mother went through all this for each one of us! God bless every mother out there.

I learnt to trust my husband with the baby. Guys are not as clueless as we assume them to be even though they might use a whole pack of wipes on one diaper change (I might be in trouble for saying this). I have seen their relationship grow and I couldn’t be more grateful for their special father-daughter relationship.

Most importantly I learnt to trust God! He loves Izuba much more than I will ever do. No matter how much I fuss or try my best, there will be circumstances totally out of my control. Knowing that God is there to protect and watch over my sunshine has made motherhood so much easier.

And to my sunshine; you have changed our lives forever, mama and papa are so thankful for you every single day. We have no doubt that you are going to grow up to become the kind of woman God destined you to become. You brighten up our lives!

Here’s to more years of learning, bonding and growing

 A Special shout out to Julius Kasujja of Life touch Images for capturing these beautiful and memorable pics

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