Malindi Chronicles

Hey guys, this is Yvette and I am here as a guest writer to share an awesome experience I had on a short trip I recently took with a group of friends to Malindi, a Kenyan town famous for its endless white beaches. So this whole short vacay thing started as a joke but it ended up seeing the light of day. I guess we were lucky to have a friend who works with a travel agency, so she did her thing and got us the best rates! Check this out; Full Board at a four star beach club called Turtle Bay for only $68 per night!! And did you know that the more you are, the more negotiating power you have…

Our time at the beach resort was just so awesome and fulfilling, the food so was nice, and we were well fed from 7am till midnight. (we had to hit the gym when we got back because people had got extra cheeks). It was a whole three days of eating, cocktails at the pool side, bonding and walking around in bikinis all day long!  We got round to trying out some cool water sports like wind surfing, snorkelling and kite surfing!

One of the best things about being on holiday is making random new friends. That’s how we met Tilly; a warm soul who had travelled alone from the UK to bury her only sister who had been living in Malindi. She talked about fond moments with her sister but you could clearly see that the loss of her sister hadn’t phased her seeing the vibrance she had and tones of fun we had with her. Did I mention drinking fresh coconut juice and cycling around the pleasant coastal town? Day 3 was nothing short of amazing. We also visited a few of the neighbouring resorts our favourite being Medina Palms. Some of the girls went to a butterfly garden but apparently there were no butterflies!

One last moment that touched our hearts is about this old man who came to our rescue after we had missed the bus and were clueless how we were going to spend the day till the next bus at 8pm. We had checked out of the hotel and almost spent our very last shilling. Mohammed a local carpenter took us around the town to key attractions like the Vasco da Gama monument and offered us lunch with his family. We got to experience the life of the locals, their food and lifestyle, how awesome!

Mohammed's gorgeous family

So are you looking for a place to visit this holiday season? Why not try out Malindi….

Lastly, a special shout out to my crew aka The winning team. Looking forward to our next adventure!!