How is your week going? Mine is great because I have something exciting to share with you. If you know me, then you must know that I am not only into fashion, but I am crazy about tech as well. Yes, I am an IT lady. I love IT and am also privileged to work in the field.

What I am going to share with you today will possibly save you a couple of hundreds of thousands of shillings. Interested? Read on!

We all love flipping through a good magazine. The colourful ads, the pics (e.t.c)..However, these print magazines do not come cheap. But thanks to the digital revolution, we do have options. The option I’m talking about in particular is an online store called Magzter (my latest obsession), that lets you subscribe to all your favourite magazines. It was introduced to me by Hubby who like Google really knows everything :-)  I also managed to squeeze out of him my first Annual subscription to ELLE Magazine; what are husbands for anyway? I have been using this app and I totally love it.

The Maths;


Local Super Market (Print Copy)

Magzter (Digital Copy)

Monthly Issue

30,000shs - 35,000shs


6,000shs – 15,000shs

Annual (12 Issues)


360,000shs – 420,000shs

72,000shs – 180,000shs

*These are average estimates. Prices vary according to the different Magazines

There you have it, numbers don’t lie. You will save on average 300,000shs by buying the digital copy.

Here is the best part though; Magzter offers discounts on all annual subscriptions ranging somewhere between 30-70% off. Meaning you can have annual subscription to your favourite magazine for as low as 50,000shs. It doesn’t end there, if you sign up for Magzter Gold, you will have access to about 2,500 magazines for a month at only 30,000shs!!


How to;

1. Download Magzter app from Play Store, or itunes

2. Set up an Account

3. Browse through to find magazines/books you are interested in

4. Go to purchase, enter your card details

5. Then you can download your favourite magazine or book onto your device.

Sample of Magazines Available in the Store; ELLE, Marie Claire SA, Forbes Africa, Elle Decor, Your Pregnancy, National Geographic, Health and Fitness, Bloomberg Business Week, Ideal Home and Garden, Photography, BBC GoodFood

Sample Screenshots from my device;


However I must confess that deep down I still love flipping those glossy pages and also to have some magazine copies around the house; however I have come to accept that it comes with a price. That being said, I am a total convert now and will go for a digital copy rather than the print copy.

Do you use Magzter or any other digital magazine service? What is your experience? Please share with me by commenting below. And if you do download it, get back to me because I’d love to know your experience with Magzter


Happy Labor Day and enjoy the 3 day weekend

Love and Blessings