Another year older, another year wiser

So I turned 31 yesterday!! It really feels surreal because the 30s always seemed so far off but it’s amazing how time flies and here I am into my 30s. Well besides looking forward to eating lots of cake and being pampered, the days leading to my birthday have been filled with thoughts and reflection on all the aspects of my life i.e. relationships, spirituality, career and finances, . Unlike the 20s which were filled with adventure and more of self-discovery, I feel like I am more grounded now. I am more aware of who I really am. I owe this to Christ who has given me identity in this very confusing world.

My journey with Christ is what has led me to the person that I am today. It is Christ that taught me to be strong when I felt like giving up, He taught me to believe when I was filled with doubt, He taught me to have hope in a hopeless world, He taught me to have faith when fear clouded my mind and He completely forgave me even when I couldn’t forgive myself. While everything might change, He is the one constant thing in my life.

It was last year that I challenged myself to really get out of my comfort zone and start doing what I really love which is what led me to start this blog. The journey is already amazing. What have I learnt in all this? Time does not wait for me or anyone. There is no better time to start living my dream than right now. I don’t know what place you’re at in your life but I hope you are working towards or living your dream; big or small.

A special shout out to my family and friends who made my day extra special. I feel beyond blessed!!

On a style note, I got all fancied up in this chic white vest blazer (call 0772207450 to order) and skater dress from Mr Price to celebrate the big day. The breath taking location of the shoot was even more amazing. Thank you Julius Kasujja of Lifetouch Images for the amazing pics.

Love and blessings