Tripple Take

Happy Monday everyone, how was your weekend? I hope those of you in Kampala have been busy restaurant hopping, because Kampala restaurant week is on! If you have not, then it’s time to get eating and join in celebrating good food at great prices. I have been to just one restaurant and the overall experience has been awesome. With 6 days left I say forget calorie counting and go out there and eat up. You can always diet after the restaurant week!


This skirt is the perfect representation of the beach and all things coast related. It makes me want to go on an exotic vacation right now!! I must confess that my love for circle skirts is a little too much and coastal blue being my favourite colour makes this skirt tick all my boxes.

Sporty Luxe

So last week I got an invitation to participate in a blogger challenge. I must applaud Eleanor of About September for setting this up because not only does it bring us as bloggers together but it also provides our readers with different perspectives on style and different trends.

The Perfect Combo

My friends have teased me about wearing skinny jeans too much and rightly so! One thing about me is that I love loose fitting shirts and tops. And what is the perfect match for a loose fitting shirt or top if not the skinny jean.

Blankets and Wine

I am still recovering from the tonnes of fun I had on Sunday at Blankets and wine. As a first timer I did not know what to really expect, but I was pleasantly surprised. It was so colourful, the style was amazing - I was practically drooling, and the music was the winner. I am surely looking forward to the next Blankets and wine.

Let me quickly share with you what I wore;