Little Red Dress (LRD)

Photography by Life Touch Images

Aside from the very essential “Little Black Dress” another indispensable piece is the “Little Red Dress.” Red is the symbol of life and vitality and we are vital, beautiful sexy women. It’s also been said that red boosts self-confidence and I can surely attest to that. Here’s how you can get an effortless look in a red dress;

1.       Choose the right shade of red; for my skin complexion, I prefer the shade of red with blue undertones. For reference (shades of red)

2.       Get a style that flatters your body figure. I like this particular silhouette because it’s modern and also flatters my body type. (click here for tips on what dress style flatters your body type)

3.       Minimal accessories, red already makes a bold statement, we don’t want to confuse the eye, now, do we? If you are going for full-on glamour, then by all means add more sparkle to your look.  

4.       You can’t go wrong pairing with your red dress with a nice heel!

Do you own a LRD? How do you style it for different occasions?

In other news, it’s my birthday month. Shout out to all the July babies! Is it just me or does time go faster as we get older. Years feel like months. Miss Sunshine also made two years last weekend. She is naughty as ever and still manages to warm all our hearts. These days I can’t even get her to stay still for a photo, though she is the cutest 2 year-old ever!!! Feeling super thankful and extremely blessed.

Outfit Details

Dress: Tricia's Closet (Shop No 43B Krishna Mall)

Clutch: Sassy Selections

Shoes: Downtown Store