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Weekends officially mean dressing down, but we are here to tell you that you don’t have to totally let yourself go. Besides doing errands and shopping our weekends are usually filled with several activities such as brunching with friends, swimming, movies, barbeques, coffee dates etc.

Here is how you can be casual but also chic;

Cover-ups are the best kept secret

After the long work week, you are exhausted and don’t have time to overly think and make major fashion decisions. You want to be laid back but while staying stylish. If like me you are into wearing shorts over the weekend then cover-ups ought to be your go-to styling option.  You wont go wrong with a bright solid cover-up to spice up your casual weekend outfit. I went for this bright blue cover-up by Vivo Activewear which you can get in several colours from BoldinAfrica Store located at Acacia Mall.


Embrace the off-shoulder trend

Why should you embrace this trend? Because it’s a winning look! This trend has a growing number of fans and we here have joined #teamOST and we simply can’t have enough of these. Off-shoulder tops are casual and incredibly cool. Their airy, carefree and flowing nature makes them perfect for weekend styling. While we thrifted this one, you can find these in several stores and malls around town. 


The Beloved Saddle bag

The Saddle bag is both stylish and functional. It keeps all your essentials and adds more attitude to your look. The adjustable strap also gives room for customizing it to your comfort and leaving you hands-free to do other important things like snapchat and drinking cappuccinosJ.  We fell in love with this particular one by Zanaa because it has got alot of character read* (fine leather and vintage buttons) and the good news is that its currently in stock at BoldinAfrica Store located at Acacia Mall.



Lastly, a special shoutout goes to L'auteur Kampala where we had the shoot. This cozy and tateful Cafe will leave you with a feeling of being in France. While sipping their heavenly Latte you can enjoy a nice book from their selection at the Cafe.

Thanks for reading 

Love and Blessings

Yvonne and Yvette